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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fabulous new Digital freebie!

It is that time again....are you ready for another fun freebie.  This is not a April fools joke :).

This is a fantastic metal word freebie. This is the days of the week soldered words. This was a fun project to tackle, I was not sure how to make soldered words in Photoshop. It was a new skill for me. I love working on improving my designer craft. I love to learn new things and this was a fun experience.  I wanted to work on making wire style words but, this is what I made instead.

Please leave feedback, it helps me know what I should make more of.  As I am always trying out new techniques.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just like the last post, I am just excited about wedding season!  I thought I would post of few digital scrapbook papers that are great to use for completing your digital/printable scrapbooks.  There is a huge collection of papers to suit all of your needs at  My Digital etsy shop First up we have a very fashionable burlap style background with lace and other beautiful designs for the Chic style bride.
If you are looking for more of just a color in your wedding style, you can find many colors of digital papers, or backgrounds.  Here I have taken just one in the green. This green is a fun color for a great spring wedding.  There a loads of colors to choose from...just go and check it out!

If green is not your favorite for weddings this spring season, check out this fantastic grey and white set, that is sure to please just about any bride.  You can also use the papers to print and make banners (tutorial coming soon). It is a soft grey and there are darker grey papers if you need.

Last but, certainly not least is the always popular digital chalkboard papers.  These are done in a very romantic style and can be used for all sorts of projects. From card backgrounds to photo booth backgrounds.

As always, get your happy going and check back soon for other fabulous project ideas.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wedding Invitations Made easy!

I am so OVERJOYED this month...It is wedding time!  Spring brings many new brides and some very creative invitations to my shop.  I love the colors and the joy when the Bride and Groom (it is all about her but, we need to make sure he is happy too!) fall in love with the invitation I have designed for them.  I have done many custom invitations for them as well.  If you are interested in a custom invitation it is $20.00 (on sale right now) just email me and find out all about it.

Here are some fun invitations for weddings right now

If need other items to print here is a couple of the new additions

As always I do a custom designs for all your printing needs!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Pixel Scrapper Freebie

I love when I have a few minutes to collaborate on a blog train. I have been working very hard on the March blog train titled "unwind". It was a fun project but, a bit hard to decide on what to do. I ended up choosing to go with things that I like to do to help me unwind. What do you do to help yourself unwind?  Have a great digital scrapbook day!

March 2016 Blog Train Freebie