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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fabulous new Digital freebie!

It is that time again....are you ready for another fun freebie.  This is not a April fools joke :).

This is a fantastic metal word freebie. This is the days of the week soldered words. This was a fun project to tackle, I was not sure how to make soldered words in Photoshop. It was a new skill for me. I love working on improving my designer craft. I love to learn new things and this was a fun experience.  I wanted to work on making wire style words but, this is what I made instead.

Please leave feedback, it helps me know what I should make more of.  As I am always trying out new techniques.


  1. really love your freebie but I don't get the download link. I'm asked to sign in with box only. Can you please fix the link?

  2. That should be working better now.